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LeahPerfectLife(Historical Sexy Figure)

LeahPerfectLife(Historical Sexy Figure)

This was how I looked liked from BEFORE(210 lbs) in May 1,2000. Then I preceded to drink all Lifestyles products INTRA, Dream Shake, Dream PM , Dream AM in maximum serving portions in 2006 where I looked in the AFTER(147 lbs.). After that, I gained a little weight due to the ONLY SUCCESS OBESITY BREAKTHROUGH product WHICH WORKED FOR ME WAS DREAM DIET PROGRAM.

Lifestyles then only had FIBERLIFE & NUTRIA to prove its WORTH for WEIGHT LOSS ; which I also did lose a little weight but was really not able to attain this desired 147 SMALL figure.

It took me almost 17 years to find the BEST PRODUCT TO SOLVE MY LIFETIME OBESITY PROBLEM,only the DREAM DIET PROGRAM was able to SOLVE IT.

Now that Lifestyles has LifeShape (DREAM DIET Enhanced formulation), I am happy that I will regain back again the body I used to enjoy and the SMALL SIZE FIGURE , I previously once had.

Scientifically Proven All-Natural Phenomenon

Scientifically Proven All-Natural Phenomenon

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all weight loss products

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all weight loss products

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